This year has been another very productive one for, we’ve designed, built, deployed and maintained 16 significant services to support, sustain, and secure critical digital infrastructure.

Some of the stats from the biggest services:


  • Registries: 59
  • Packages: 8,647,405
  • Versions: 93,009,665
  • Namespaces: 1,284,530
  • Maintainers: 1,412,065
  • Database size: 245GB
  • Background jobs processed: 688,025,502


  • Hosts: 784
  • Repositories: 183,755,645
  • Owners: 10,543,833
  • Tags: 188,198,256
  • Manifests: 190,349,152
  • Dependencies: 14,051,505,152
  • Database size: 2.49 TB
  • Background jobs processed: 727,979,154


  • Events: 7.43 Billion
  • Database size: 8.69 TB

Some new services we deployed this year:

  • Issues - An open API service for providing issue and pull request metadata for open source projects. 
  • Commits - An open API service providing commit metadata for open source projects. 
  • Summary - An open API service for producing an overview of a list of open source projects. 
  • Docker - An open API service providing dependency metadata for docker projects. 
  • Papers - An open API service providing mapping between scientific papers and software projects that are mentioned in them. 
  • OST - An open API service for discovering and reviewing projects for

We also helped launch with to help people discover a meaningful way to contribute to open source projects focused on climate technology and sustainability powered by the whole range of services.

And we published some very large open data releases, check them all out on the blog:

We experienced some growing pains over the year, increases in API usage and the pure amount of data being indexed (over 10TB of data across all services) required upgrades and changes to infrastructure to keep it running well but things are quite stable now.

We also used up the majority of our grant from Plaintext group and are exploring ways to continue funding further development of features and level up the services.

A big project we have planned starting in the new year is to work with OSC to build tools to measure the impact of funding open source software and tracking changes in metrics over time of open source software projects that are part of OSC.

We are always looking to work with more partners to help them add support for more ecosystems to their products as well as expanding the number of ecosystems and repository hosts that we index.